Tom Buckley

One of these creatures is a plant stress ecophysiologist. The others are just adorable.

Tom got his BS degree at James Madison University in Virginia, a PhD at Utah State University and many years of postdoctoral research experience at the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales. Although a biology major, Tom’s studies also included a lot of applied mathematics, chemistry and computing. His original motivation for this broad study was to avoid becoming what Asimov described as “an absolute expert in an infinitesimal sliver of nothing.” Tom’s interests extend across several Asimovian slivers, including leaf and whole plant water relations, photosynthetic resource economy and biophysical process modeling across scales. He is based at the University of Sydney’s IA Watson Grains Research Centre in Narrabri, New South Wales. When he’s not battling with code or IRGAs, Tom can occasionally be found cycling, rock climbing with his amazing daughter or wrestling with his 2-year old son. Click here for his cv, and here for his Twitter feed.


William (Tam) Salter

Tam is a postdoc in the Buckley lab, working on high-throughput physiological phenotyping methods for the IWYP project. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, under Tarryn Turnbull and Mark Adams, studying effects of solar UV radiation in relation to phosphorus availability in Australian sub-alpine plants. Tam is a genius with a Li-Cor and a range of other field and lab techniques. He’s originally from Scotland, having completed a BSc with Honours in Ecological Science from the University of Edinburgh in 2011, after which he worked in a technical capacity for two years before coming to Sydney.


Zijuan (Rose) Deng

Rose is a postdoc in the Buckley lab, working on sap flow methods for an ARC Linkage project. She completed her PhD at Flinders University in South Australia, on ecohydrology, including testing biological models for forest water use. She is very interested in improving the biological side of hydrological modeling. Rose is a wizard with MATLAB and can solder with the best of them. She is responsible for a very challenging field study involving sap flow, isotopes and stomatal modeling in the high country southwest of Canberra.


Kyle Gibson

Kyle is a TSP (undergraduate) research student who recently completed a research project to extend the DESPOT whole-plant model to accommodate time-integrated goal functions for optimal carbon partitioning.


Maria Francisca Ruz Ruiz

Maria will be starting as a PhD student in the Buckley lab at the end of 2016, working on engineering new methods for field physiological phenotyping. She is an engineer by training and is originally from Spain.


Collaborators not listed above

Lawren Sack (UCLA)

Christine Scoffoni (UCLA)

Grace John (UCLA)

Megan Bartlett (UCLA)

Antonio Diaz-Espejo (CSIC-IRNAS, Seville)

Celia Rodriguez-Dominguez (CSIC-IRNAS, University of Seville)

Kate McCulloh (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Tom Givnish (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Matthew Gilbert (UC Davis)

Margaret Barbour (University of Sydney)

Tarryn Turnbull (University of Sydney)

Mark Adams (University of Sydney)

Andrew Merchant (University of Sydney)

Helen Bramley (University of Sydney)

Richard Trethowan (University of Sydney)

Peter Sharp (University of Sydney)

Heather Vice (UC Davis)

Dan Johnson (University of Idaho)

Craig Brodersen (Yale University)

Andrew McElrone (UC Davis/ARS)

Chandra Bellasio (University of Sheffield)