OCTOflux progress

Tam Salter has made great progress on the OCTOflux high-throughput field physiological phenotyping system for the IWYP project. When complete, the system will be able to measure photosynthesis and transpiration, and thus photosynthetic capacity, on eight leaves simultaneously, using a single-channel IRGA and a bank of solenoid valves to multiplex the sample and reference gas streams. The system will be operated by an Excel program on a laptop (or tablet), using VBA to interface with a DLL that talks to the MCCDAQ data acquisition and relay control boards. The entire system should cost roughly $20k. We’ll be able to complete approximately 32 Amax measurements per hour, enabling a massive step increase in throughput for field physiotyping of diverse germplasm for pre-breeding, or variation in leaf physiology for ecological studies.

We’ll post updates as progress continues, and when the system is dialed in we’ll post complete specifications and instructions for replicating the system.


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